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BLOG -- Event story in the blog.
NEW'18 -- New event in 2018.
NEW'17 -- New event in 2017.
SOCIAL -- 3+ days long social/party-only event.
Unconf. -- Event unconfirmed (previous dates).


ZouXtaZ in Phuket, Thailand on 4-7 Jan; NEW'17.
Porto Seguro Dance Festival in Porto Seguro, Brazil on 3-10 Jan; NEW'18.
International Rio Zouk Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 11-14 Jan; BLOG2012.
El Sol Warsaw Zouk Festival (Zouk Libre) in Warsaw, Poland on 18-21 Jan; BLOG2014.

WestZoukTIME! in Brno, Czech Republic on 2-4 Feb. 
Brazouky in Melbourne, Australia on 15-18 Feb; NEW'18.
Zouk Fest in London, UK on 23-26 Feb; BLOG2014.

ZoukSki in Vallandry, France; Unconf. (4-7 Mar 2017).
Brazilian Dance Festival in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 9-11 Mar. 
I'm Zouk - International Miami Zouk Festival in Miami, USA on 9-12 Mar.
Zouk and Samba Congress in Sanxenxo, Spain on 16-18 Mar.
Rio Is Here Dance Festival in Santa Ana, USA on 16-18 Mar; NEW'17.
Prague Zouk Congress in Prague, Czech Republic on 21-27 Mar; BLOG2013.

F.I.E.L. in Brasília, Brazil; Uncof. (20-25 Apr 2017).
NZ Brazilian Dance Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand on 20-22 Apr.
Brazilian Dance Adventure in Salou, Spain on 26-29 Apr.
Zouk Day in São Paulo, Brazil on 28 Apr - 1 May.

Prague Zouk Marathon in Prague, Czech Republic on 2-7 May; SOCIAL.
L.A. Zouk Congress in Los Angeles, USA on 3-8 May.
Cologne Zouk Festival in Cologne, Germany on 11-13 May.
Zouk Fever Budapest Festival in Budapest, Hungary on 11-13 May.
Canada Zouk Congress in Toronto, Canada on 16-21 May.
Paris Brazilian Zouk Congress in Paris, France; Unconf. (26-28 May 2017); NEW'17.

TLV Lambazouk Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel on 31 May - 2 Jun; NEW'18.
BH Zouk Congress in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on 31 May - 3 Jun.
Helsinki Zouk Festival in Helsinki, Finland on 15-17 Jun.
Ukranian Zouk Carnival in Kyiv, Ukraine on 22-24 Jun; NEW'18.
BraSilesia Zouk Festival in Katowice, Poland on 22-24 Jun.
DC Zouk Festival in Washington DC, USA on 22-25 Jun.
Zouk Moscow Congress in Moscow, Russia; Unconf. (22-25 Jun 2017).

Zoukland in Albufeira, Portugal; Unconf. (30 Jun - 3 Jul 2017); NEW'17.
LIKE Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Unconf. (5-9 Jul 2017); BLOG: 2015.
Summer Zouk Zone in Lodz, Poland; Unconf. (6-10 Jul 2017); SOCIAL.
Zouk in Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Unconf. (14-16 Jul 2017).
Zouk Me SF in San Francisco, USA on 13-15 Jul.
Summer Zouk Marathon in Zaječí, Czech Republic on 16-22 Jul; SOCIAL; NEW'18.
Casa do Zouk in Gold Coast, Australia on 19-22 Jul.
ZoukDevils & Friends Summer Weekend in Mataró, Spain; Unconf. (20-26 Jul 2017).

Zouk S.E.A in Port Dickson, Malaysia on 3-5 Aug.
ZoukMX in Playa del Carmen, Mexico on 3-8 Aug.
Russian Zouk Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia on 9-13 Aug.
Seattle Dance Festival in Seattle, USA; Unconf. (17-21 Aug 2017).
Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 22-26 Aug.

Zouktime! Dance Holiday in Crikvenica, Croatia on 1-9 Sep.
Prague Zouk Marathon in Prague, Czech Republic on 20-24 Sep.
Zouk Lambada Beach Festival in Santa Susana & Barcelona, Spain; Unconf. (14-18 Sep 2017)BLOG2012.
Zouktime! in Brno, Czech Republic on 28-30 Sep; BLOG20112014.

Cyprus Zouk 'n' Holidays Congress in Limassol, Cyprus; Unconf. (6-8 Oct 2017).
NYC Zouk Festival in New York, USA; Unconf. (6-9 Oct 2017).
Buenos Aires Dance Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Unconf. (12-15 Oct 2017).
Dutch International Zouk Congress in Breda, The Netherlands on 12-24 Oct.
Zurich Zouk Congress in Zürich, Switzerland; Unconf. (26-29 Oct 2017).

Silesian Zouk Festival in Katowice, Poland; Unconf. (3-5 Nov 2017); NEW'17.
Boston Brazilian Dance Festival in Boston, USA; Unconf. (9-12 Nov 2017).
Hawaii Zouk Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii; Unconf. (16-20 Nov 2017); NEW'17.

Christmas Prague Zouk Mass in Prague, Czech Republic; Unconf. (15-18 Dec 2017); SOCIAL.
Rio Dance Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Unconf. (28 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018).
Berg's Congress in Porto Seguro, Brazil; Unconf. (30 Dec 2016 - 8 Jan 2017); BLOG: 2013, 2015. 

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