nice to meet you - Now, let's zouk the world!


Hello! I’m Noora, dancer, writer, designer and traveler - and my number one passion is Brazilian zouk. When I’m not out dancing or working in marketing, I love to spend time with all kinds of arts & crafts, most recently designing and making outfits. I love my native country Finland as much as I love traveling and seeing new places all over the world - this is something I’ve been doing since I was a toddler. I speak Finnish, English and Swedish quite fluently, and have been learning Portuguese, Spanish and French for a couple of years. I love being able to communicate and navigate among different cultures. But wherever I go, I dance - it’s the universal language I love using the most!

I am on an eternal quest to know everything about Brazilian zouk; how to dance better, how to learn more efficiently and to build a positive community as well as where are the best places to dance zouk around the world. While I continue my quest, I will also share all this information with you!




How did this get started?

In 2011 I took off on a trip around the world - on a journey to discover more about myself and to see with my own eyes various corners of the world. In preparation for that, I started writing my first blog, Dance the World in the spring of 2011. The idea was mostly to share the experiences from this epic solo round-the-world trip with my friends and family and keep a journal of sorts for myself about that once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

At the same in, in the start of 2011 I stumbled upon Brazilian zouk. Before I noticed, this dance took over my life. And so it also started to edge its way to my blog. Initially the blog was for my friends & family only and I had no specific plans to continue to blog after the trip - but I was at the same time very excited to spread knowledge on my passion; zouk. Thus the Dance the World blog lived long after the trip around the world and I continued sharing my thoughts and information about Brazilian zouk, as well as about dance and traveling in general. I wanted people to have access to all the information I had worked so hard to find and organise it in a neat package. And so became Zouk The World! 

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