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Hello! I’m Noora, an amateur dancer, writer and traveler - and my number one passion is Brazilian zouk. When I’m not out dancing, traveling or doing research about the two, I love to spend time with all kinds of arts & crafts, doodling on paper and digital screens, knitting, taking photos and making short films. I love my native country Finland as much as I love traveling and seeing new places all over the world - this is something I’ve been doing since I was a toddler. I speak Finnish, English and Swedish quite fluently (feel free to write me!) and have been learning Portuguese, Spanish and French for a couple of years. I love being able to communicate and navigate among different cultures. But wherever I go, I dance - it’s the universal language I love using the most!

I am on an eternal quest to know everything about Brazilian zouk; how to dance better, how to learn more efficiently and to build a positive community as well as where are the best places to dance zouk around the world. While I continue my quest, I will also share all this information with you!


About Zouk the world

Welcome to Zouk The World! The simple mission for this site is to be the #1 information source on Brazilian zouk around the world.

On Zouk The World you’ll find articles about dance technique, zouk festival reviews and the zouk congress calendar, latest news in the zouk world and music links. We'll also publish personal stories from your favorite artists as well as from local dancers that make zouk happen around the world. Zouk The World = everything you need to know on your zouk journey!

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How did this get started?

In 2011 I took off on a trip around the world - on a journey to discover more about myself and to see with my own eyes various corners of the world. In preparation for that, I started writing my first blog, Dance the World in the spring of 2011. The idea was mostly to share the experiences from this epic solo round-the-world trip with my friends and family and keep a journal of sorts for myself about that once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

At the same in, in the start of 2011 I stumbled upon Brazilian zouk. Before I noticed, this dance took over my life. And so it also started to edge its way to my blog. Initially the blog was for my friends & family only and I didn’t plan to promote my writings to the general public and had no specific plans to continue to blog after the trip - but I was at the same time very excited to spread knowledge on my passion; zouk. Thus the Dance the World blog lived long after the trip around the world and I continued sharing my thoughts and information about Brazilian zouk, as well as about dance and traveling in general. I wanted people to have access to all the information I had worked so hard to find and organise it in a neat package.

I have loved doing that; being able to share my passion for dance and travel with my readers at Dance the World. But eventually came a time to crystallize my thoughts and focus my efforts on one single topic I love the most: Brazilian zouk. And so here is Zouk The World! While all the new material will only appear on, my old blog Dance the World will continue to stay open and serve its readers with all its archives for the time being. A number of most interesting articles have already found its way from Dance the World to this site, so you can keep this as your guide to zoukin’ around the world.

Read also the kick-off post from May 5th 2015; Let's Zouk The World!


Let’s work together

I’m interested in spreading knowledge on Brazilian zouk and increasing collaboration between & within dance communities around the world. If you have ideas on what you would like to read about, want to pass my readers information regarding your local zouk scene, have a story to share about zouk or dancing in general or have questions about dancing, events or travel, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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