In the flow - Zouk flow (Part 2)

Why is it that so often we zoukers go on about connection, the art (and mastery) of leading & following, musicality - and now about flow?

Perhaps it's because these things are the essence of zouk. They're what makes zouk so great, so magical... do I dare even to say unique? At the very least, these are the things what many of us identify in zouk and fall in love with.

Part 1

Read more about what is flow, how to reach it and why in the previous post: In the flow - 5 keys to the magic of dance flow

In the previous post I talked about what is flow in creativity, psychology and ultimate in dance. I gave tools to achieve (or enhance) dance flow. To sum it up in zouk and partner dancing context, here's a mini guide how to work towards flow in social dancing:

  • Set the mood: flowing music, comfortable surroundings, perhaps smooth lighting and floor.
  • Direct you full focus on your partner and the music.
  • Establish a soft connection right from the start of the dance.
  • Find a shared skill level with your partner and set your concentration on leading / following.
  • When the dance begins let your thoughts go - and go with the flow.


There's no stopping the flow! Zouk dancers in Helsinki enjoying the summer and zouk.

There's no stopping the flow! Zouk dancers in Helsinki enjoying the summer and zouk.


Zouk videos that will flow you away

I compiled a short list of my favourite zouk videos from the past few years that show a nice dance flow. In the playlist you'll see videos with different zouk styles, different combinations of dancers (1 leader & 2 followers as wells 2 leaders and 1 follower), different settings, different music styles...

Sit back and enjoy the flow!

A few more videos of flowing social dancing:

Adilio Porto, Gilson Damasco, Natasha Terekhina, Freddy Marinho and Andressa Castelhano dancing at the Bachaturo 2013 festival in Warsaw, Poland

Dancers at the Zouk at the Station party in Harleem, Holland

Do you have another video in mind that best show the dance flow? It doesn't have to be a zouk video! Let me know by commenting on this post!