54 signs of zouk addiction

At some point you just have to admit it; "I am a zouk addict".
And I happen to be a proud one!

The list below - 54 signs of zouk addiction - is something I compiled last year but it hadn't made it to Zouk The World yet. Now it's here - with updates!! If you're still not sure of your addiction, see how many signs you can tick off!


Get familiar with your addiction - 54 reasons to stop worrying if you're a zouk addict or not!

1. You go shopping for clothes or shoes and see something you like. The first thing you think is "it's nice, but can I dance in this"?

2. You have at least 10 t-shirts that have the same word in them. That word is zouk.

3. You've become peculiarly interested in the fit of your shoes and the amount of traction there is on their soles. And you have come to know a new level of how bad a pair of shoes can smell.

4. (Zoukeiras:) You notice yourself looking at random people's long hair with admiration and envy.

5. If you take a look at your browsing history, most of the websites you visit contain the word 'zouk', or 'dance' in their URL.

6. It's late at night and you've already decided to turn off your laptop. But then you think, "I'll have to watch just this one more dance video".

7. You find yourself buying a new computer or hard drive because your old one runs out of space from all the dance videos you have.

8. You start changing your user IDs and profile names to something that contains the word 'zouk'.

9. Your ringtone is a zouk song.

10. You think it's completely normal to get extremely close A) a person you don't know at all and B) that is completely covered in sweat.

11. Currently about 90 % of your friends you see regularly also dance. You wonder what your other friends are doing since you almost never see them.

12. You don't think it's at all unusual that you know almost every single face in the clubs you go to. You're practically surprised if you see a person you don't know!

13. A typical "in the club" conversation follow topics such as "where did you get those shoes", "what is the next congress/workshop you're going to", "did you see that and that's latest video", "what the hell is this music" or "when are you going to Brazil".

14. When you're waiting for something you use that time to practice a dance move - sometimes together with an imaginary person.

15. Your schedule is run by dance classes, socials, dance parties and dance congresses.

16. Likewise, your budget for every month goes 1) dance lessons 2) dance trips 3) dance clothes 4) food, rent and anything else.

17. You've considered looking for a different kind of job than what you have right now; one that would work better with your dancing.

18. You spend more and more time in front of the mirror, doing things like bodyroll or boneca. And you realise you should have bought a bigger mirror.

19. You write down names of songs you hear on the radio because you think "this would be a great new track to zouk to".

20. Your apartment is arranged to provide the largest open area possible.

21. You have suddenly have a free night and immediately start to look for where to go dancing!

22. You try to find time to take naps during the day because you went dancing last night.

23. You have dreams about dancing. When you wake up you try to remember the moves you did in the dream.

24. You find zouk moves in any kind of body movement you see - and try to invent new zouk moves based on them. 

25. When you're packing for a trip of any kind you always find space in your bag for your dance shoes. Preferably in the hand luggage, because - you know - the most essential things should be in the hand luggage.

26. You look at travel destinations, thinking only "where can I dance there?" and find yourself changing your travel itinerary based on local dance events.

27. Your holiday photos are full of you in dance poses. Like this:


28. You go to your Facebook newsfeed and the browser tells you "This page seems to written in Portuguese, would like to translate it?"

29. You've acquired at very least a basic understanding of Portuguese.

30. You look at a big empty space with a smooth floor at, for example, a shopping center, airport, park or wherever, and immediately think "wow, we should come dance here".

31. Before going to new club you'll probably ask "what's the floor like?" or "what shoes should I bring?"

32. You go to "regular" night club and find yourself trying to find the tum-tchick-tchick beat in every song. And desperately look around for anyone who could possibly know how to dance zouk (or learn very quickly).

33. You start calling night clubs "regular" night clubs - and you can't remember when you've been to one the last time.

34. You're used to people thinking you dance zumba, 'tsouk' or salsa.

34. You find yourself talking to strangers about zouk, slightly in the manner of a Jehovah's Witness. You're genuinely surprised when someone has heard about zouk before.

35. You may consider yourself as a shy person but you think that dancing in the streets, parks, beaches or anywhere in public is completely normal. 

36. You use phrases that commonly refer to drug use when you talk about dancing, like "I need my fix for the week."

37. You're back to working out at the gym to fit into your dance outfits and you've taken a sudden interest in acrobatics or learning to do a split.

39. You see a spectacular dance performance and find tons of flaws in it - and still spend hours watching dance performances like that at events and on Youtube. 

40. You've also started to hate dance performances and want to dance yourself in stead.

41. Your idea of "fun" is creating a choreography or paying people to tell you how you should walk.

42. If you're looking for a new hobby you consider how well it will support your zouk.

43. Some words have a developed a different meaning to you, such as 'basic', 'lateral', 'boomerang', 'bonus' or 'congress'.

44. You can talk (and even argue) for hours on topics like "what is real zouk" (and agree that it for sure is not the Caribbean kind).

45. You are fan to a number of "international mega stars" such as Renata Peçanha or Jefferson Dadinho.

46. You've started to like music by Justin Bieber. And songs that say 'sex', 'sensual' or 'baby' about 100 times.

47. The clothes in your wardrobe are getting a lot smaller, shorter, lighter and less conservative. And you're constantly rearranging your closet to fit in the copious amount of these new types of clothes - possibly containing about 10 or more brightly colored lycra jumpsuits you bought in Brazil.

48. Your friends & family outside zouk have stopped asking about your dancing. Perhaps since they are tired of hearing about it, or just think you've gone off the deep end and don't want to make it worse.

49. When a non-dancing friend or family member of yours finds a video or a news story about dance, they immediately forward it to you (whether it has anything to do with zouk, or even actual dancing).

50. Your non-dancing friends passes by a random crowd doing some kind of dancing, they immediately think you must be there and try to find you. (And yes, you probably are there!)

51. You vividly remember the date and place where you first saw zouk, and you may even celebrate your zoukiversary.

52. You look back at your life before zouk and think "wow, I knew nothing about life then".

53. Everything you do somehow leads back to zouk.

54. This is the longest list you've read in a while. And you're quite happy you read it! 


55th sign of zouk addiction

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