Be a dance superhero!

Wouldn’t it be great to be a superhero? To be strong as steel or to fly like hawk? I think it would! At least I’d like to try what it would be like to be one.

But in all reality, you don’t need superhuman capabilities to make a gigantic difference in other people’s lives. And that - if something - qualifies for “being a superhero” in my opinion.

This post is dedicated to all the superheroes who have and are making a difference in my life!

The trials and tribulations of real-life dance superhero

So how could one be a superhero for their fellow dancers? By moving as gracefully as the Catwoman? By having the agility of the Spiderman? Well, that would be great, wouldn't it. But I have some other suggestions for you.

Being a superb dancer and improving your own dance skills are heroic efforts. But a superhero is someone who is not only working tirelessly to improve themselves, but also the community around them. Let’s all try to be a bit of superhero of the dance community and act accordingly the next time we go out dancing!



1. Help a stranger - ask a new person to dance

A superhero is always helping out in their community. And one thing - perhaps the biggest thing - every dance community needs is more people dancing! One key to this is being a hero to all the new people and making them feel welcome. It’s always though to be new to something, whether it’s your first time dancing ever, or just a first time visiting a new dance studio or club. A dance superhero can easily spot a newbie, and should definitely leap to the chance to dance with them!

Even if there’s no new people around, us mere mortals do tend to slip into our own comfortable routines - the hero will always try to see if there’s someone who they don’t dance often with, and ask them!

2. Have a hero attitude - no shame in being the good guy

A simple smile can go a long way. And it can bring a smile on other people’s faces too. For many of us the dance class or dance social is the most anticipated moment of the day. Make the best of it, try not to show up with a big frown on your face. While it may be impossible to have a huge smile all the time, it’s still easier to be positive than negative.

One way to lift the spirit and get other people to smile are compliments. I don’t find it useful to make up compliments - they either come naturally or they don’t. If they do come, don’t hold them back. The great thing about compliments is that they take almost no time at all and don’t cost anything!

3. Come to rescue - lend a shoulder

Sometimes life feels like one big struggle. If you’re learning to dance, you may be battling with that. If a hero sees that someone is having a rough time, they'll take a moment to ask them how the they are. The odds are that just by asking you will make the person to feel a bit better, even if it’s something they don’t want to talk about or something you can't help them with right then.

4. Share the work - share the love

Many dance scenes are small (if you’re a zouk dancer almost anywhere, you can certainly relate to this). To run thing people just need to do a lot of volunteer work. Dance schools and teachers will highly appreciate any help they can get, whether it’s relating to organizing a class, an event or a party, writing a positive review or just sharing the information to your circle of friends. A superhero who loves to dance is happy take part in helping the dance community grow! Small efforts by many people help the scene grow big & strong!

5. Be a crime-fighter - don’t ignore bad behavior

There's always some Joker around who thinks they can rule the world. A dance superhero is not going to let bad behavior fly. I’m not saying anyone should nominate themselves as the dance floor police. But some circumstances may require for one; standing up to a dance floor bully, a leader that bruises the ladies or a follower who has absolutely no control or a person that puts a frown on other people's faces.

This is a tricky situation, and here is where you may want to talk with a dance teachers and ask for their support. It’s hard to give as well as to receive feedback and a dance teacher may know best how to do it. If “professional help” is not around, you can politely and constructively tell the person how their behavior is affecting others and offer your help to improve on that.

6. Be your own hero - embrace your weaknesses

It’s a known fact that every superhero has one thing: a weakness. It might be kryptonite, it might be wearing high heels or leading that one tricky move just right. But unlike the Supermen out there, we are not dealing with an alien green substance, nope. We can kick our weaknesses’ butt! Don’t make the weakness your perpetual enemy - take an honest look at your weakness and take action! One day it will be a thing of the past.


Ready to be a superhero?

When you feel like you need a little bit of superhero in your life, look in the mirror and find the superhero in you! Check the list above, or make your own list and be the hero.

And the best part: When you start being more of superhero, you start noticing more and more fellow heroes around you. In fact, every time you're out there with your mask & cape, doing something good for your dance community, you’re also planting the seeds for future superheroes. Enjoy watching them grow!

P.S. It certainly goes to argue that I’m here talking more about everyday heroes and perhaps not about superheroes - but it’s all a matter of perspective. To me, everybody who takes real action to better the lives of others, they are superheroes!


Your superskills?

What are your dance superhero skills? Or what are the skills you have seen in superheroes around you?

If your dance hero alter ego had a name, what would it be?