Finding your Dance Confidence - 10 tips (Part 2)

Yesterday I was talking about dance confidence and what is it made of. Read the Part 1: Case of the missing Dance Confidence.

Ok, so now we have some idea about dance confidence. But how to build those confidence levels?

Honestly, it’s hard to pinpoint what makes or breaks one’s confidence. How confident you naturally are, what experiences you've had and what you may expect from yourself are just a few things that influence it it's very individual. There is no secret recipe for a 100% bullet-proof dance confidence - but there are some things that can help along! Below I share some simple tips that I’ve used over the years to boost my dance confidence.



1. Find security from familiarity.

If unfamiliar situations bring your dance confidence down, try to bring something familiar with you to those circumstances; wear your lucky shirt or your favorite dance shoes; find familiar faces and dance with them first; ask the DJ to play your favorite song, etc.

2. Get comfortable.

Wear clothes you feel good in and something where it’s easy to move. Your shoes should feel stable and fit to the floor (bring an extra pair to change). It also helps if you don't only feel comfortable but feel that you look good; a new flattering outfit might be the confidence boost you need. 

3. Take a look at your dance posture.

Having good posture makes you look and even feel more confident. Posture is also important in keeping a good connection with your partner and making the dance better.

4. Don’t make life too hard for you.

On the dance floor always do what you do best. If that's the basic step then that's what you should be doing. It’s always better to focus on connecting with your partner, not in “making cool moves”; that connection is really what is the most dazzling thing about social dancing.

5. Keep a good level of energy.

Feeling hyper may not be optimal. Neither is feeling zombie. If you’re out of energy then sometimes you might even be better off just resting. Keep yourself hydrated and eat before you're starving.

6. Don't let worrying bring your confidence down.

Remember that not even the professional dancers nail every single move. So is it ok for you to expect perfection from yourself? No!

7. Join a performance group.

Perhaps not the solution for everyone, but taking part in a show group and performing on stage can work wonders on your confidence and and build your team work skills.

8. Find momentum from the music.

Music is a great source of energy and of emotions - those come in great use in the dance floor. Music can really also boost your confidence levels. Practice dancing with songs you really like and ask the DJ to put on your favorite tune in the parties.

9. Smile and the world smiles with you.

We’re all doing dancing (I hope!) because we enjoy it - so let it show! Remember to also pay it forward; with your smile as well as with your “hello”, “how you’re doing”, “would you like to dance” and “thank you for the dance” you are building a positive dance community and boosting the confidence of everybody around you. Don't be afraid to give your dancing buddy a compliment!

10. Be proud of exactly who you are.

Tap into your soulfulness, your curiosity, your femininity, your good sense of humor or you sensitivity - use your personality as a resource!


Your confidence boosters

What brings up your dance confidence? Share your experiences below in the comments!