Time to get excited - first look at the 2016 Zouk Congress Calendar!

It's that time of the year again: Time for a zouk calendar update! There's only about three months left of this year so it's about time we look at what's going to rock our world in 2016. Not everyone who dances Brazilian zouk travel to congresses and festivals around the world. But those of us that do, we do it with a passion!

The fastest of you many have noticed that yesterday a new page has been added to Zouk The World site: 2016 Zouk Congress Calendar. On that page you can find an up-to-date list of all the major Brazilian zouk events taking place during 2016. All the events also have links to their websites, so you can always find there the latest information. To stay on top of the zouk festivals around the world just click to the calendar page and save it in your bookmarks!

Which events are and which aren't on the calendar? See more information about this at the end of this post.

Now let's take a deeper look into our crystal ball - below is an introduction to 2016 zouk events!


New events

The event organisers are still working their next years calendar. While many already have confirmed their event dates, some still have their this year's event coming up in the next three months. So plenty of changes can still be expected for 2016. Also new events - it can be expected that a number of fresh events will still be added to next year's calendar later on.

Let's look at what we know now about the new events!

New in 2015

There were quite many new events in 2015. Many events come and go, some may appear only once. Let's keep our fingers crossed and thumbs up for these new additions to the zouk calendar. This year's new arrivals: 

Zouk Fever Budapest Festival in Budapest, Hungary (May) - unconfirmed for 2016.
Canada Zouk Congress in Toronto, Canada - confirmed for 18-23 May 2016.
Get Your Zouk On in Montreal, Canada (Jun) - unconfirmed for 2016.
Leids Summer Zouk Festival in Leiden, Holland (Jul) - unconfirmed for 2016.
ZNL Music Festival in San Diego, USA (Aug) - unconfirmed for 2016.
Cyprus Zouk 'n' Holidays Congress in Limassol, Cyprus (Sep) - unconfirmed for 2016.
Zouk Infinity in Beirut, Lebanon (Sep) - unconfirmed for 2016.
Zouk Warsaw Festival in Warsaw, Poland (Nov) - unconfirmed for 2016.

Will Zouk Fever return to the beautiful Budapest in 2016? Check up on the  Zouk Calendar,  we will keep you updated!

Will Zouk Fever return to the beautiful Budapest in 2016? Check up on the Zouk Calendar, we will keep you updated!

In the Zouk Calendar you can spot all this year's new events marked with NEW'15 - and likewise next year's new events will be tagged with NEW'16. Go to the calendar page to see the latest status of the events!

New in 2016

On the top of the "New in 2016" list you can find the Brazouka Beach Festival, held in Porto Seguro, Brazil on the coming New Year. This might be not only the first new event of the year, but also the biggest new event in the next year's calendar. And best of all (hahaa), Zouk The World will be there to tell you all about it!!

Another new name you can also find on the 2016 calendar is Zouk with the Stars, an event to be held in Vienna, Austria in March 2016. This is organised by the same team that brought you the Zouk Austria Congress - now replacing that in the calendar. 

Also a fresh addition to the 2016 events is ZoukMX, to be held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico on 22-29 Aug. Only little information has trickled about this festival but supposedly over 50 zouk artists and DJs will be present. Looking forward to hear more about it!

More new events will be sure to pop up during the following months - follow up on the latest info in the calendar!


Returning events

Some comebacks have already been announced for 2016! The following events have already been confirmed to returning after a one year's break:

Zouk Meets Snow in Rigi, Switzerland on 29-31 Jan.
ZoukDevils & Friends Summer Weekend in Mataró, Spain on 21-25 Jul.

Berg and Bella back at 2013 Berg's Congress

Berg and Bella back at 2013 Berg's Congress

Berg's Congress will also be back on 30 Dec 2016 - 8 Jan 2017! The bi-annual event (on odd years), held in Porto Seguro, Brazil, is one of the longest standing events in the world of Brazilian zouk. Usually Berg Dias has also organised a smaller event on the even years, but in the start of 2016 it will take a little break - and at the same time give room to the before mentioned Brazouka Beach Festival! Read about the previous Berg's Congresses from the blog - Zouk The World was there in 2013 and 2015!


Cancelled events 

As of today, there are still a large number of events with the "Unconfirmed" status. This means that no new dates for 2016 have been announced and does not mean they are cancelled!  Rest assured, most or all of the unconfirmed events will go on as usual also in the coming year. The latest information will be updated to the calendar page as soon as we have it so check back to that page!

Some events have been indeed cancelled during the last year:

Carioca Brazilian International Dance Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia (Apr).
Zouk Beach Week in Newport Beach, CA, USA (Aug).
Berlin International Zouk and Samba Congress in Berlin (June).
Summer Zouk & Kizomba Jam Session in Barcelona, Spain (July).
Sensual Summer Festival in Berlin, Germany (Aug).
Royal Zouk & Kizomba Festival in Gdansk, Poland (Sep).
Scandinavian Zouk Festival in Oslo, Norway (Oct).


Submit an event

If you know of a great zouk event that is not on the 2016 list or would like to make a submission for the next year's calendar, please do it by clicking here!

We'd like to thank at this point for the large number of submission that have come to our way during this year - keep 'em coming! If you're wondering why the event you submitted is not on the calendar, see below information relating to that.


Which events are included in our calendar?

For the sake of keeping the list compact we have included only major, international event with focus on Brazilian zouk. Generally speaking, for congresses / festivals this means an event with at least three internationally known teacher couples and possibility to take full days of Brazilian zouk workshops. Also, due to their popularity, there are a few of the biggest international weekend-long zouk social events included on the list.

In addition to the events in the calendar there are an ever increasing amount of local zouk weekends with international visiting artists. For these, check with your local dance schools!


What's On your 2016 list?

Have you been thinking about visiting some events in 2016? What is on your list?
Share us your favorite events in the comments! And be sure to check out the latest event posts below to find more stories about dance events around the world!