Let’s Zouk The World!


Launched today, Zouktheworld.com aims to bring you all you need to know on Brazilian zouk. Here you’ll find articles about dance technique, zouk festival reviews and the zouk congress calendar, latest news in the zouk world and music links. I'll also publish personal stories from your favorite artists as well as from local dancers that make zouk happen around the world. Zouk The World = the guidebook on your zouk journey!


From Dance the World to today

Sound familiar? You may have read my previous blog, Dance the World! While the idea for this site came from the sheer need to move to a new & better platform, I took this opportunity to focus even more on my favourite topic, Brazilian zouk (hence Zouk The World). I'll still write articles that will surely be interesting to other dancers as well, and also articles for those of us that love to see the world outside the dance studio walls.

You can read more on the story behind this site and Dance the World on the About page >

So starting today, Zouk The World is open and here at your service! The blog already serves with the most vital parts of the Dance the World archives. You can browse posts by themes; dance technique, travel stories, festival reviews and zouk music playlists. More themes will be announced soon!

While lots updates and serious improvement work have been done to make the site “ready, willing and able”, a lot of things are still to be done to make everything 100% ready. But knowing how ambitious & meticulous I can be, I didn't want to wait forever... so today I'm sharing the site with you! Loads of new interesting material is being finalized and, yes!!, new blog posts will start to steadily appear in the blog from this day onwards.

What’s new on Zouk The World?

Some samples about what’s coming up in the blog during the next days & weeks:

  • Larissa Thayane talked to me about her historical zouk project, what got her into zouk and what inspires her still today
  • Relive & discover zouk events and hear my insider tips, including Berg’s Congress 2015 and DansaBrasil 2015
  • Dance insight series continues with new topics
  • Braz Dos Santos shares his career highlights, talks about Brazouka, his relationship to zouk and what is the secret to his youthfulness - and I also asked about his powerful clap!
  • Read my best travel tips for Bahia (Brazil), Portugal and Spain; just for starters
  • And much more….!

In addition to the blog, I’ve put together and updated some vital info packages; read my summary of What is Brazilian zouk and browse the very popular 2015 zouk congress calendar! And during the next couple months while the site takes its shape some new pages will be published. To stay tuned remember to bookmark zouktheworld.com!

Take part in zoukin’ the world

While Zouk The World is my little-big labour of love, I want you to make this site your own! I’ll be happy to have your contribution! So let’s work together: tell me what you like to read about, share your dance or travel story, make an introduction to your local zouk scene or just give feedback on the site. I look very much forward to your ideas, suggestions, comments, critique, cheer-me-ups and anything you have to share - please do send me your messages and comment on the posts! Zouk The World is also available on social media (with new pages!), including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Don’t forget to take part in the poll of the month - you'll find it in the sidebar and at the bottom of the front page! This month the topic is ”where you had your best social dancing experience?”. I’m sure everybody wants to hear your best stories so please share them!

Thanks for visiting Zouk The World and hope to see you here soon!