Lights, camera, action! Zouk The World channel now open on Youtube

Yes, Zouk The World is now also on Youtube! You can click to the Zouk The World Youtube channel from this link or via the "video player" icon in social media buttons that are on the site top navigation, footer and pretty much everywhere! ...Like right about here, as well:


Zouk The World trailer

Now... time for "Action!!" Feast your eyes on this trailer video that opened up the Youtube channel last Sunday. Keep your eyes peeled as you might just see some familiar faces & places there!

The video above in fact includes most of the 100+ cover images of this blog, plus a few of my other favorite images during these past four years of zouk & travel... So you get a pretty good idea what this site is all about.

If the video player on this page does not show the trailer for some reason, view it here (Youtube) or here (Facebook). I'll be really happy if you comment or share the video, so please feel free to do so!


On the Youtube channel

In addition to this video, you'll also find on the Youtube channel among the latest uploads zouk demos from DansaBrasil 2015 (feel free to also read my pretty comprehensive blog post on DansaBrasil congress if you haven't already) and some all important music and zouk demo playlists!

Many more videos waiting to be uploaded on the Youtube channel; some of my favourite zouk demos from recent events, some "behind the scenes" footage from dance floors around the world and new playlists! So click on the 'Subscribe' link on the upper right corner once you're on the channel page to stay in the loop with the latest uploads and playlists.