What dance style to learn next? Poll results

September marks the change of the season for many of us. In the northern hemisphere we're getting ready for autumn & winter, and getting back to our routines after a blissful summer. In the southern hemisphere it's the time when the worst parts of the winter have been conquered and the spring is arriving. This is the time of the year when many people are looking for a life change and for most of us it equals a new hobby!

In relation to this, last month I had a lighter topic for the poll of the month. I asked you "which partner dance would you like to learn next?" I gave you some ready options; Argentine tango, bachata, Brazilian zouk, cha cha, cross body salsa, Cuban salsa, kizomba, lindy hop, rumba, samba de gafieira and west coast swing. Each respondent could only select one dance style in their response, or alternatively, they could also name a dance outside the list. 


Here is what you would like to learn next!


The top dance styles that are next on the list among my readers were kizomba, samba de gafieira and west coast swing, each of them getting approximately one in every four votes (27%). The remaining part was split with Argentine tango (13%) and Cuban salsa (7%).

I also asked you if you already danced Brazilian zouk: all but one of the respondents already did!

Personally, I can relate to the results since the top results are also on my "what to learn next list"; after a couple seasons of learning cross body salsa - in addition to zouk - I'm now spending some of my free time learning kizomba, samba de gafieira and west coast swing.

Your comments

A few of you also told a bit more about why you had chosen this particular new dance style.

Why I want to learn Kizomba?

Because of the feel.

Because I'm kind of tired of parties with zouk-kizomba music where only few men can dance zouk, while the rests can at least dance kizomba. Maybe from there I can start to persuade them to learn zouk as well!

Why I want to learn Samba de Gafieira?

I love samba music and this dance looks like having a lot of fun while being elegant.


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