Why do you dance? Poll results

Why do you dance?
Is that an easy or a hard question?

To me, it’s quite a tough question. And I love tough questions! Especially asking them (hehe). So that’s what I asked you last month! In November’s Poll of the Month I asked you to tell us why do you dance, and more specifically, what is the most rewarding aspect to you in dancing. No multiple choices this time, just a chance for you to share your own dance motivations!

And I can see it was a tough question for some of you too. Not too many replies came in - but the ones that did were fantastic! I very much do appreciate everybody who took the time to put their thoughts into words. Your replies can be read below!


The reasons why you dance

For those few hours I forget everything but the music and the dance.
Sylvie,  London

I dance because it now allows me to be me!

I can show my emotions through connecting with the music and connecting with my partner, emotions that were previously hidden can now be released and the natural high I receive makes me feel so alive.
Phil, Australia

I dance because without it I'd die on so many levels. The most rewarding aspect of dance is the connections, smiles and friendships that I gain through it.

The connection with another.

This could be a book of reasons... The feeling of freedom; versatility of expression; human contact and co-creation of something beautiful, memories that last... The fleeing feeling of zen, oneness, nirvana, flow... Getting to know creative, crazy, cool, personalities it attracts...
Leah, Russia/Czech Republic

Positive emotions, connection, sensibility.

When I started dancing it was because there was so much to learn and it brought a lot of joy to develop myself so quickly into something new. Now I dance to feel good. If I don't, I lose flexibility and my back and muscles start aching, and no longer feel at home in my own body. In brief - I'm hooked for life!
Lotta, Finland

Moving to the beat gives me pleasure.

I like myself dancing. I am a bit another person when I dance.. I fly away all my problems and mistakes. Dance makes me young and happy.
Anonymous, Sweden

Thank you for the insightful replies - make sure not to miss this month's poll where we talk about Zouk music!! You can find the poll at the end of this post!

So why do I dance?

To not be influenced by your thoughts, I wrote this part below before I read your replies (so apologies if I’m repeating something that was already said 10 times!).

Like I said, it’s not a simple question to me. Well, an easy answer would be: I dance because I love to dance. But why do I love to dance? And what to me is the what is the most rewarding aspect in dancing?

The strongest reason and motivation for dancing to me lies in the music! The music is the inexplicable force that makes me move (and zouk music to me is - shortly put - intoxicating). As fun as it’s to “just dance” and “let it out”, it was only until I started partner dancing and social dancing that I really got hooked. The combined connection with the music and another person is magical and heavenly. At its best, I could almost say that to me there’s nothing quite like it. When I dance zouk I feel I am the strongest, most beautiful and courageous version of myself. So I guess, thinking what I wrote here above the biggest reason I dance is for the feeling it gives me.

There are many other things too. I love a good workout, and there's nothing quite as invigorating and as exhausting as a great dance class or - my favorite thing - a zouk party. Another thing is that I enjoy challenges, and in dancing I do find endless challenges; both physical and mental. And a reason most certainly worth mentioning are the friendships. My dance “family” has really made a big difference in my life and I couldn’t imagine my life without it anymore!

Ps. It was so much fun to read your replies after having written my thoughts. Nice to see the similarities and the different points you had come up with - I do agree with all of you! Thank you again everyone!


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