2018 Zouk Calendar live - start planning your next dance year!

Extra, extra! The 2018 Zouk Calendar is live!

2018 Zouk Calendar

I know you've been waiting for it so dig right in! As usual, the list includes all the major Brazilian Zouk events around the world. See the calendar for dates, locations and links to the event websites where you can always check the latest information.

Note that most of the events for August-December 2018 are not yet confirmed, as the event organisers are still busy with this year's editions. For these, the calendar includes the dates for the latest edition. Stay tuned for updates; click to the calendar page and save it in your bookmarks!

So, 2018 is approaching! What's hot and what's... not?

Fresh for 2018

In the Zouk Calendar you can spot all this year's new events marked with NEW'18 - and likewise last year's new events are tagged with NEW'17. You can also go back to the 2017 Zouk Calendar for more details!

Brazouky in Melbourne, Australia on 15-18 Feb.
Ukranian Zouk Carnival in Kyiv, Ukraine on 22-24 Jun.
Summer Zouk Marathon in Zaječí, Czech Republic on 16-22 Jul.

ZouXtaZ in Phuket, Thailand on 4-7 Jan.

Helsinki Zouk Festival in Helsinki, Finland on 15-17 Jun.


You may have noticed a few big events missing from the list. While some are still unconfirmed, there it appears these event will not appear in 2017, and probably not in 2018. The latest information will be updated to the calendar page

Amsterdam Zouk Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (26-28 Aug 2016).
ZNL Music Festival in San Diego, USA (28-30 Aug 2015).

Which events are included in the calendar?

For the sake of keeping the list compact the Zouk Calendar on ZTW includes only major, international events with focus on Brazilian Zouk. Most of the list is made up of "zouk only" events and there are also some large established events with several dance styles are included. For congresses / festivals the list contains large events where the artist roster has at least three internationally well-known teacher couples, where it's possible to attend at least two full days of Brazilian zouk workshops with the international artists and two or more nights of parties with a dedicated zouk dance floor. Some new and perhaps smaller events may be included in the list in areas of the world where there are fewer events. Due to their popularity, in addition to festivals / congresses the list also includes a few of the biggest international weekend-long zouk social events (marked with SOCIAL). 

Read more here about what type of events are included >

Want more zouk?

Good news to the zouk dancers everywhere: there's an ever increasing amount of Brazilian zouk event of all sorts! Information spreads through social media and dancers travel around the world to dance and learn. In addition to the major events listed in the calendar there's a larger number of smaller (and growing) zouk weekends with international visiting artists - and also visiting social dancers. For these, keep an eye on local dance schools and Facebook groups.

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