7 Stages of packing for a dance trip

And my parable of starting to blog again…

Have I ever mentioned I hate packing? I do, with a vengeance. Especially packing for dance trips; you just need so much more stuff than on "normal" holidays, have you noticed? You'd think that after all these years of traveling, I'd get so used to it that it goes like a breeze. Well, probably because of all the years of traveling, I'm just so sick & tired of it, it feels more like a hail storm.  But I've noticed there's a certain pattern. Maybe by acknowledging the pattern, I'll learn not to hate it so much.

What's your packing routine? Here's mine!

1. Procrastination

Ah, the illusion of time. And my favorite pass time - procrastination: It’s way too early to start packing. I’ll just relax now and worry about until later, there’s still plenty of time. And anyway, looks like I haven’t even done the laundry yet…

2. Optimism

Oh, dear - the departure is approaching. Time to start packing! Let's begin with blind optimism to motivate yourself: Yay, this time I don’t make any fuss about it… I mean, come on, I can do it in [one third of the time it really takes]. LET’S DO THIS!

3. Confusion

"Wait a minute - what in the hell am I doing” stage. How about making some endless lists in your head to further confuse yourself. So let’s start by thinking about a packing list:

  • Workout/workshop clothes.
  • Party clothes (plenty of them, they’ll get super sweaty).
  • Relax-at-the-hotel/apartment clothes.
  • Outdoor clothes.
  • Underwear.
  • Pajamas.
  • Make-up and other essentials.
  • Oh shit, and tons of shoes.
  • Half of the medicine cabinet.
  • Sunglasses, or umbrella, or both? Wait, have I even checked the weather forecast?
  • Oh crap, I think I should have bought a new bikini
  • Hello, do I even fit in any of my party clothes?
  • Where are my favorite sneakers?

4. Desperation

Time to cue in desperation. The “I’m never done with this bag” phase. Choose one/some of the following:

  1. I have no suitable clothes / shoes.
  2. My stuff won’t fit in the luggage (WTF why did I think I can manage with only my carry-on?).
  3. I have lost my passport / phone charger / travel insurance card / shoe brush / mind.
  4. This flimsy 1 litre plastic bag will never absorb all my liquids.
  5. I was supposed to get some sleep hours ago already.
  6. Looks like I should have left 15 mins ago.

5. Determination

“I CAN DO THIS” or "LET'S FINISH THIS SHIT" stage. Flex your biceps, feel confident. Envision yourself at the airport all ready to go. Ideally, you can give a motivational pep-talk to the mirror: You’ve done this a million times. All you really need is your favorite shoes, a few nice clothes and the rest will sort itself out if need be. Just close the damned suitcase!

6. Doubt

The “bag is closed but I must have forgotten something fairly important” phase. At this point you obviously do remember something fairly important you’ve forgotten, re-affirming your doubt. A good idea is to try to go sleep at this point and let your mind go on over-drive thinking about all the stuff you may or may have not forgotten.

7. Excitement

Well, looks like I have to go now or I’ll miss my flight/bus/train/boat… Um, so… YAY! It’s done!! Bag is packed and you’re off! Pop open the champagne and let the holiday begin!


Yes, Zouk The World is back!

Well, ZTW never left either. But I did take a small (hopefully deserved) break from writing to rest and to focus on a bunch of other stuff, like spending more time to develop our own local zouk community.

Now I’m planning to continue with blogging and hopefully you will enjoy having more fresh material on this site! If you have requests, ideas, comments - anything - feel free to send me a message!

Thank you to all my readers who have during the past year(s) approached me, sent me feedback, event updates, questions and encouragement. Your messages have been most definitely received & much appreciated, even though I haven’t been able to reply to everybody in person.

Hope to see you here and on the dance floors soon! If you’re in Prague for the Zouk Marathon this weekend, come say hi!

A big zouk hug,