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Zouk The World maintains the Zouk Calendar and now also a list of Intensive Courses and Teacher Training in Brazilian Zouk. Is your event missing from the calendar? Fill in the form below to submit an event! We welcome all submissions but note that we aim to follow the below guidelines to keep the calendars easy to read. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Which events are included?

Intensive Courses and Teacher Training

This list includes progressive and structured courses on Brazilian Zouk with full daily program of workshops (typically around 5-8 hours of classes per day); with a limited amount of participants (e.g. max 10-25 leaders & 10-25 followers); and for a limited time period (from two days to one month). 

  • Intensive courses for (advanced) social dancers: Program focused on dance technique and social dancing including mostly hands-on dance exercises. These are not to be mixed with congresses no progressive syllabus and a larger number of students; nor weekend courses with a limited program (e.g. 3h per day).
  • Teacher courses: Training program for current or future teachers of Brazilian Zouk, focused on teaching methodologies in addition to dance technique. May also include a certificate to be received at the course. Note that many dance schools focused on Brazilian zouk offer also long-term teacher training.

Zouk Calendar

Zouk Calendar includes major, international events with focus on Brazilian Zouk. This means medium-sized or large dance congresses / festivals / social dancing 'marathons' with:

  • Large congresses / festivals with workshops & parties: 3+ internationally well-known Brazilian Zouk teacher couples on the artist roster; possibility to attend 2+ days of Brazilian Zouk workshops with international artists; and 2+ nights of parties with a dedicated Zouk dance floor.
  • Large 'marathon' events: Parties with Brazilian Zouk dance floor for 2+ full days & nights (typically 12+ hours of parties per day).
  • Number of Zouk participants expected: 200+.

Note that some new & smaller events may be included in the calendar in areas of the world where there are only very few events.

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